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Dough mixer machine instructions

Dough mixer machine instructions
Issue Time:2019-06-26

1. Add appropriate amount of lubricating oil to each oil hole or oil cup of the dough mixer and keep adding 2-3 times per shift.

2. Turn on the power and check the direction of rotation. (The agitator turns back)

3, the operation should be stable, no abnormal noise.

4. After 30 minutes of empty car operation, review the solid parts and work again.

5. It adopts gear reduction transmission structure, which has the advantages of simple structure, compact, convenient operation, no complicated maintenance and long service life.

6, face fighting, using stainless steel materials and special surface treatment, professional and noodle machine in line with health standards. Noodle machine installation and commissioning:

7, the machine four feet should be flat, multi-function mixer to reduce vibration; connect the ground wire at the bottom of the rack (equal potential terminal) to prevent leakage

8. Check if the fasteners are loose and check if the power cord switch is intact.

9. Add proper amount of lubricating oil to the gear.

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